The owners of Superior Pest Control  have provided superior service and pest control solutions to the greater Grand Rapids area since 1987 to some of the most recognized businesses in the area.  Specializing in solutions for residential homes, commercial and medical facilities, and industrial plants, Superior uses an integrated pest management system to minimize the impact on your home, business, and the environment.


SEASONAL PEST CONTROL - Pests looking to stay warm!

With cooler weather comes the need to stay warm.  And while you're bundling up, pests are looking to come inside from the elements.  Fall is the opportune time to survey and treat your home to help prevent unwanted pests from making their way into your roof, walls, or basement this winter.

Superior Pest Control develops programs that offer year round preventative treatment to protect you, your home, and your business from insects and rodents seeking comfort and protection.  If you would like to discuss these program or ask one of our professional technicians for free advice, please give us a call and ask for details.


Right now, Box Elder Bugs and Stink Bugs are finding points of entry into businesses, offices, and homes through windows, cracks, and doorways.  An exterior treatment of your premises this fall can curb this activity and reduce the infestation.  Contact our office for more details or to schedule your service.


Why choose Superior Pest Control?

  •     Locally owned in Grand Rapids, MI
  •     Owner operated
  •     Our commercial references are the most demanding in the industry (contact us for references)
  •     Technicians are professional and polite
  •     Exclusive residential services offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry
  •     Free consultation


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