Seasonal Pest Elimination

Superior Pest Control offers two excusive services for seasonal and year round insect control for homes (residential).

Seasonal Wasp Treatment
To prevent wasps, hornets, and bees from building nests on your home (including garage, and other outside treated areas), Superior Pest Control will apply a barrier to the exterior of your home that is warranted for the entire season.

Warranty: If wasps, hornets, or bees build a nest on any treated area, Superior Pest Control will remove the nest and retreat the area at no charge.

Routine preventative maintenance is the best solution to keep anything in a desired condition, and your home is no different.  With a tri-annual service, Superior Pest Control will treat the interior and exterior of your home three times annually, keeping unwanted crawling insects out of your home and virtually eliminating them from the exterior.
Warranty: If crawling insects inhabit your home, Superior Pest Control will return and eliminate the unwanted pests at no charge.

The cost for these services varies based on the size of the area treated.  Contact our office for more details: or (616)-247-7500.

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